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Maribel Torres- Amigas Conectadas


August 2022

This month is for the maker. 

This month is for the woman that looks inside a problem and sees a solution. This month is to inspire maker -women because we are getting ready for a rough fall. There's less and things cost more and for every deficit there are mothers out there, planning, plotting, collecting, and figuring they can use this instead of that and making plans so that little ones will not be disappointed. 

I am one such woman. A woman that was brought up to improvise, to fit this thing-a-ma-jig into that thing-amagig to make it work. That spirit of problem solving- it comes from inside you. For all of you, who have it. The maker gene- be proud of that.  Honor the maker gene, and when you might not be making sense to yourself- know that you do (secretly) have a plan even if it is not apparent to you at the moment. 

August is about getting by where I come, and fretting about the things you may or may not have come the cold. There is this myth about poverty, that you can outwork it. That's a flat out myth. They tell you "be smart".  The "smart" ones look for the free backpacks, and the giveaways and all the things that make getting by a little less harder and more and more there is no safety net. Or what there is some of, there's less of.  For that reason during these times we have to rely on each other. Don't be afraid to ask for help, and if you are getting ready for school and you find yourself totally with no help, message us, and we will work to try to find a free resource for whatever you or your little person may be lacking. And if there isn't one, we will tell you to- because that's what friends do. Tell you where the help is and when there is none- they tell you that too.

Far too often women like us are usto being on our own. In our own world but now we don't have to. Why? Because Ms. August- Maribel Torres-, she is a maker.

She's a maker, she's a do-er, she's a ray of sunshine in the gray Western New York Sky, and that doesn't mean she doesn't have her days. Im sure she does.

But from one strong woman to another Maribel- is stronger than me and I have come to rely on her. 

Maribel is a fighter and that’s why people are drawn to her. She fought through trials and tribulations of being a single mother and starting her own business to arrive as a very well experienced life coach, fitness, coach and mentor who intiated “amigas connectedas’.

Amigas Connectadas is from my wildest dreams. 

A space for women to connect digitally as businessowners and as women. The whole world wants to hand me a broom – Ima hand it back -every time. And when Maribel makes Amigas Connectadas that gives me the strength to ask for more for myself and to be in unison with other women who want more. 

The one reason that Maribel is gifted? She see's people abilities and when I introduced myself to her, I prayed that, just for this once, someone would help me. 

I prayed that just this once, someone would let me in, and not make me feel left out. 

I prayed Maribel Torres would see me as a helper and not a hinderance. 

And for the very reason that Ms. Maribel Torres is Ms. Latinaherstory August 2022, this woman has lifted me out of my chair with her love for me. 

And I was so needing, so needing of the love Maribel has to give. 

I came to Amigas Connectadas right on time. 



Answers from Maribel Torres

Question: Where were you born and what values were taught in your home?

1) I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, my family’s values were, and still respect yourself first,

then others. Other values were trust, family is everything, honesty, be grateful.

What was your experience like as a student?

2) My experience as student was different from Puerto Rico to Rochester, where I reside

now. In Puerto Rico - school is more like a family studying together like, my friends from school

were like my cousins. Here in United State, I felt alone but my commitment, my goals

and my desired to study and help other overcome my loneliness and the way I felt. I was

a warrior in college. I did not allow anything to step in my way to accomplish my goals

I decided to open my business to help and coach individuals with their needs. First, I

love to make money because allowed me to support my family, second: allowed me to

stay at home and work from home and be with my grandkids, third allowed me to travel

and see my family. The other decisions are all about my community, when I was working

as a coordinator for a health program, I saw the need of educating the community about

healthy habits and be active. When the opportunity of becoming a health wellness

coach came, I took it and quit my job to study, and to open my nutrition club which

lasted 3 years. Fast forward 8 years, I decided to open again in 2019 where the

following year hit us with the pandemic and forced me to be closed. Now working from

home, it become challenging, but not impossible to keep moving forward.

What was your first job?

3) My first Job was in retails working for a small department store in Puerto Rico. The job I

love the must was and still is my wellness coaching business.

How do you define a businessperson?

4) I define a businessperson as strong-minded individual that will take risk no matter what

because there is always room for improvement and overcoming mistakes and obstacles.

Why did you decide to open your business?

5) No one motivated me to open a business, I am a very independent woman that fall in

love with helping others and learn more and more everyday of her live. God has been

always answering my questions about my business and decisions. If I can add who

motivated me to continue, has been Marisol Hernandez from Syracuse that since she

met me has believed in me and encourage me to keep moving forward.

What is your theory on human potential?

6) My theory on the human potential is the way we carry ourselves inside and out, its that

core value self-love. How bad do you want it, how you will get there and what its take to

strive. I always believe in personal development; we need to know our purpose. Be

ready to learn in order to serve.

What is the most important thing you have learned along the way?

7) The most important thing i have learned since I started my business is to be a woman of

your words, prioritized, be confident, courage and willing to serve with compassion and

love. We need to love our business in order to be successful.

What is your remedy after a hard day?

8) My remedy for hard days is to go back to what I have been accomplish, read it, tasted

and do it again. I love to listen to motivational songs and workout, withdraw myself

from the business for a bit and come back as a new person. I celebrate with self-love

care and spa. With giving some of my services away, Love serving

What are your business values?

9) My business value are faith, results, trust, confident, God first, my family second and my

business last as Mary Kay Ash. God is my strength people will know about God when

they come to me.

What is the name of your business?

10) I have been in business for 3 years; the name of the business is Fitbalanz.